iOS14.5: Powered by proprietary innovation, Clearpier Performance prepares to scale SKAdnetwork compliant campaigns.

Why is this important?

In an ecosystem where change is the only constant, all bets on a conventional approach are off the table. This especially holds true for Apple’s latest release with iOS 14.5 – the App Tracking and Transparency (ATT) framework and SKAdnetwork.
Geared towards empowering users by giving them more control over their data, the update is set to disrupt the ad tracking process. Following this release, apps will need to seek user consent before accessing their IDFA and consequently tracking activities. While this move by Apple has undoubtedly sent shockwaves through the industry it reiterates the importance of adaptability and innovation in performance marketing. Here at Clearpier Performance, we have been working to effectively address and respond to the challenges put forth by the iOS 14.5 update. Having understood early on this new release’s uniqueness and its domino effect on stakeholders in the matrix, we have employed a three-tier approach in our SKAdnetwork activities.
To this end, we are proud to announce that Clearpier Performance is SKAdnetwork compliant and functions within the framework of Apple’s policies. We are committed to maintaining the integrity of our compliance through each phase of the process. Thus, certifying authenticity and accuracy for our clients. Beginning with our Supply, we engage with Exchanges that are SKAdnetwork compliant and work to promote our SKAd ID. As part of our process, we systematically screen all incoming traffic to ensure that they bear our ID and consequently maintain compliance.

Our proprietary mapping technology enables us to capture SKAd triggers which we further validate with our SKAdnetwork-compliant MMPs. As part of our three-tire approach, we have also successfully completed integration with leading and certified MMPs that include Appsflyer, Adjust, and Kochava, among others.

Growth comes from experience. Along our journey navigating the paths to successfully running SKAd campaigns, we have gained a deeper understanding of the challenges that will be encountered and the approaches that must be employed. We will be sharing our experience and findings so that we can grow as an industry and colleagues.

To ensure our clients and partners are privy to an unaffected flow of services, our Team has been working to understand their concerns and create an effective and reliable process. Based on proprietary mapping technology, we have designed a system that tracks media journey from its source – ensuring accuracy while negating fraud. Having already begun testing, we are equipped and prepared to scale SKAdnetwork campaigns.

We understand that change comes with a lot of apprehensions and in an industry such as ours, it is expected. To facilitate an informed and smooth transition, our Account Managers have been working with our clients and partners to ensure that their campaigns are positioned to succeed.

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