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Our approach to detection and prevention of fake and fraudulent traffic empowers you to scale, engage, and meet your ROAS.
The solution is simple

Our Engagement Program

We use first party data to identify your ideal user with the help of our machine learning, we locate lookalike audiences in our system then we use our fully managed DSP to serve custom creatives across curated programmatic supply sources and engage those audiences.

The most exciting part of our program is our unique ad unit: a blend of static and video in an interactive carousel. The unit can be exited at any time, so we know we’re capturing real engagement when a user completes 50 or more of the content. We assemble the nit based on the user we are trying to engage, so if you supply data from existing use rs, we can also create a reengagement campaign.
+30% CVR
+36% D7 Retention
+25% ROAS
The simple solution, continued

Our Reach

ClearAds is the technology behind our Engagement Program. It leverages our ClearBuy DSP and machine learning to maximize your results. We can buy programmatic direct, or use our connections with the leading exchanges. Our top GEOs are Tier 1 English-speaking, followed by DE, FR, JP, KR, BR, and IN.


Along with our proprietary technology, we have partnered with the industry’s leading fraud detection and preventions gateways to ensure the traffic you receive is authentic and vetted. Our aim is to help your brand and campaigns surpass your measure of success. To do this, our team based around the globe work to optimize your campaigns at every node. Optimization is based on machine learning and AI which equips us to ensure your campaigns reach the right audience at the right time.
Our Custom Built Tools


ClearBuy is a precise tool for buying the in-app inventory that your future users will see. This DSP has the ability to target users based on demographics, behaviour, device, placement, and so much more. With ClearBuy, we can create and match segments, blacklist and whitelist particular inventory, and serve a wide variety of ad formats.